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I suppose there comes a time when we all want to be heard. Recently for Arsenal supporters there have been times of both great joy and serious frustration. Well, the time has come where your voice may make a difference.

If you click on the "ENTER MESSAGE" button below you will be able to contribute to any Arsenal related debate that you wish. You can put YOUR thoughts on the NET. If you want to start a topic of conversation, reply to someone elses, or simply shout out loud about a great recent performance, then be my guest. If you have any Arsenal news, thoughts, opinions, criticisms, praises, annoyances, grievances, or simply want to say that they are the best team in the world then GO FOR IT.............

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  • No Swearing, or abusing others opinions (no matter how much you feel a comment may deserve it).
  • No messages in CAPITAL LETTERS, as they are percieved to be shouting over the internet.
  • No advertising. This forum is for supporters thoughts and views, adverts without my permission will be removed immediately.
  • If you DO NOT support Arsenal Football Club, I would greatly appreciate only constructive comments left. I will not remove your comments unless I feel they are in either bad taste or hooligan(ish).
  • Hooligan(ish) postings will in most cases be removed almost immediately.
  • PLEASE remember that your views will be on PUBLIC DISPLAY, and Arsenal Football Club PLC are aware of this site and have kindly let me continue in my efforts. Any negative loutish behaviour will only result in a ban of both my site and similar ones that are simply here to benefit GOONERS worldwide.
  • If you are making a posting about HOT NEWS, ie a NEW transfer etc, it will be REMOVED unless accompanied by a VALID e-mail return address. This is due to rival supporters posting fictitious transfer news as "wind-ups".
  • I thank you for your co-operation in advance.
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