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There comes a time in all of our lives when we are so bored, so desperate and frankly, so sad and pathetic that we are simply hanging to hear our lads singing. Arsenal have over the years put out a few singles. To my knowledge none have really troubled the programmers at "Top of the Pops", most have hardly troubled retailers either.... Yet, the players have stood in the recording studios (most looking like deers caught in headlights) and given it plenty. Also, loathed as I am to admit it, they have become part of my.. well, our heritage, and like any heritage that we are proud of and love (but find inexplicably difficult to explain) we want to share it.

So, here for prosperity are a few of those (probably less than memorable) masterpieces. By the way, if you tell anyone that I love them, you know I'll have to kill you! :)

All the files below are in MP3 format, they are fairly large in size ranging from the mid 2mb's to over 5mb's. But, as so many people say, size isn't important. Simply download them, sit back and enjoy a truly Arsenal experience.

Good Old Arsenal (1971)   2,485,894 bytes    2 mins 37 secs

Roll Out The Red Carpet (1978)   3,522,977 bytes    3 mins 41 secs

One Night At Anfield (1989)   5,640,325 bytes    5 mins 50 secs

The Victory Song (1993)   4,346,648 bytes    4 mins 31 secs

Finbar Wright and Ian Wright - Our Goal   4,460,171 bytes    3 mins 05 secs

You'd Better Believe It   3,358,720 bytes    3 mins 29 secs

Arsenal Number One   3,182,592 bytes    3 mins 18 secs

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