Arsenal LIVE chat on the NET


This Arsenal chat service has been requested by a few of you, and has been provided by those nice guys at ISFA. The purpose of this mailing list is to keep Gooners informed on all aspects relating to Arsenal Football Club such as match reports, team news and general discussion. This is obviously very useful for supporters who do not live in England and find information to our beloved club hard to obtain.
ISFA have tried to limit the rules on this list so as not to spoil the freedom that it gives. However, there are a couple of points that we would like you to take note of before joining:
  • Messages posted can contain any information regarding Arsenal Football Club. It should not be used as a general discussion list for other matters.
  • Think before you post. Your message will be read by many people worldwide - before posting consider if your point deserves such a wide distribution ( eg "me too/I agree" postings ). Where possible send private email if you wish to address your point to only a few listees.
  • Please try to place "Arsenal" in your message title. This is so that members of the list may distinguish the Mailing List emails from others.
  • To join or leave the list, just fill out the following form:

    The Arsenal Mailing List
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